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Business Introduction



Go To Market Strategies

Companies that bring innovation to the media marketplace face challenges addressing the market, speaking the language of the industry, and understanding what matters most to key prospects. 


Data ImpacX helps identify the right prospects, secure communication opportunities, and insure that your product benefits are aligned with the needs of your media, ad agency and brand customers. We specialize in helping innovators, start-up organizations and new product teams within larger companies achieve customer and sales success.   

Business Meeting

Measuring Media Performance

Media that was formerly ‘mass market’ has new targetability and precision. Marketers are focused on audiences to spend media dollars more efficiently with greater impact.  The challenge is "getting what you pay for" with measurement across fragmented platforms and ‘walled gardens’, all providing performance claims in different forms and formats. 

Data ImpacX can help by creating and motivating consumer research panels, improving your "Smart TV", "Set Top Box" and online video data.  We validate delivery, harmonize incoming data, take a hard look at performance, and create real measurement and new insights for your brands.

Business Brainstorming

Advanced TV Data and Analytics

Advanced TV crosses connected TV, OTT and addressable linear. Media companies, ad agencies and the brands they serve struggle to value addressable inventory compared to ‘traditional’ TV, with ad sellers seeking higher rates for more valuable ad inventory while ad buyers seek effective and efficient delivery of advertising to their target audiences.


Data ImpacX can help with pricing analytics, helping buyers and sellers answer tough questions about ad inventory valuation.  We help clients understand the opportunity, the trade-offs and the benefits of leaning further into addressable ad inventory.

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