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Market Research & AdTech Innovators

Media Companies

Ad Agencies and Brands

Innovation companies, start-ups and teams within larger companies needing to gain traction quickly when introducing new capabilities in the advertising, performance measurement and ad tech space

Media companies compete in the digital ecosystem, building new capabilities based on data, analytics and dashboards that combine digital advertising assets with "traditional" TV, radio and print. 

Ad agencies and brands seek superior media performance measurement as they navigate an increasingly cross-platform media ecosystem, including advanced TV, connected TV, OTT/over-the-top TV, addressable, radio, podcasts and social platforms

"Joan is a true industry leader and literally put  [start up company] on the map, making the company a legitimate player in the broadcast media space, competing with much larger, well -established firms with longstanding client relationships."

Media Industry Executive, Major Trade Organization

"Joan has an incredible combination of technical background and business acumen.  I'm happy to recommend her - -She is the "real deal" when it comes to making innovation and performance measurement possible in the media industry."

Media Research Leader, formerly at major media brand now at digital powerhouse. 

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